TIBCO Jaspersoft


Jaspersoft is the reporting platform for Business Intelligence acquired by TIBCO to complete its portfolio of BI and enterprise analytics solutions.


Jaspersoft is a Business Intelligence suite that is open-source at its core. The BI platform provides tools for creating a metadata layer on which detail, analytical, and dashboard reports can be created.


Dashboard de rendimiento con TIBCO Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft BI Dashboard


The suite includes support for creating reports for mobile devices, specifically for iOS and Android. In the paid versions, it also provides the ability to embed reports into applications or web pages using Visualize.js, a JavaScript API framework for creating interactive HTML5 reports, dashboards, and visualizations.


The software is designed for IT departments to manage applications and develop the metadata layer and main reports. The Community version (Open source) consists of the JasperReports server BI server, the Eclipse-based report development environment Jaspersoft Studio, the library for detailed report creation JasperReports Library, and the tool for creating data warehouse loading processes Jaspersoft ETL.


The enterprise versions of the platform are oriented towards full web management and also provide easy-to-use tools for creating dashboards, self-service BI, or embedded reports in other applications. The suite is installed on server(s) and licensed per number of servers, or it can be used as a cloud service on AWS (Amazon Web Services) with a pay-as-you-go subscription, specifically paying for hours of usage.

Future versions are expected to integrate with TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire to cover both 'traditional' business intelligence requirements and the latest demand for self-service BI for business users.


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