Tableau Desktop

Tableau is an extremely versatile business analytics software that allows you to directly connect to multiple data sources and quickly create analytical reports and dashboards without the need to implement a metadata layer. This facilitates the direct use of the analytical tool by analysts and business users, minimizing dependence on the IT department.

Tableau Desktop

Funcionamiento de Tableau Desktop

The basic working product is Tableau Desktop, with a 'Personal' version and a more comprehensive 'Professional' version, with licensing per named user, and available for Windows and OSX operating systems.

The Tableau Desktop desktop application allows, with both versions of the software, to connect to various data sources, create reports, dashboards, and perform analytics on the computer on which it is installed, and save or share the reports, although in the personal version only locally. The professional version allows connecting with Tableau Server and Tableau Online to upload or download Tableau reports and share them directly with the rest of the organization.

Tableau Desktop Resources

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