Jedox suite

The Jedox BI and CPM platform works on an in-memory OLAP database to create multidimensional read and write cubes to support Jedox's reporting and planning tools.

Informe de Jedox BI CPM

Jedox incorporates ETL software to load data from transactional systems to OLAP cubes, with pre-configured loading processes to convert Excel worksheets into multidimensional cubes.

The creation and access to reports and data exploration can be done from both web and Excel environments, as well as from mobile devices. Access is read-only, and also write-only for the planning and budgeting part.

In the latest versions, Jedox cubes can be exported to QlikView and QlikSense.

Jedox can be installed on a server or as a service on the Jedox Cloud platform.

Regarding licensing, there are versions for everything. As Jedox is based on the open source software project Palo, you can find the free software version, actually the core of the software, for download on sourceforge. Jedox also offers a freeware version called Jedox Base, which can be downloaded from the Jedox website. The paid versions are Jedox Premium, for on premise installation on own servers, and Jedox Cloud offered as a cloud service.