Subscripción a la Newsletter Semanal de DataprixWe have modified the email subscription system to Dataprix content.

So far this subscription using the Feedburner system associated with the main RSS Dataprix to send automatically to every user subscribed to a daily email with the new publications of the previous day.

We decided to change this system to one that allows itself a subscription / low snapshot from the same page. For registered users only a matter of pressing a button, and the user is not only need to enter an email address and validate it later from the mail that will be sent.

Another advantage we get is that we will create a newsletter for each language Dataprix for each one would reach the new content of your preferred language.

Furthermore, the creation of the Newsletter will be weekly and manual, thus having the possibility to further customize the content of it, and select what they consider most interesting of everything published during the week.

The Newsletter is sent every Tuesday, referring to the new content published since the previous Tuesday.

For those who want to follow our news more often the system of RSS subscription, and internal email subscription available to each user still running as usual.

We also discuss the list of subscribers migrated from the old system to the new system, so anyone who was subscribed to this list will be not receive our news by email. We will leave this week enabled the two systems in case, and we expect the change as transparent as possible.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you detect any abnormality, or if you wish to make suggestions.