Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy

Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy CookbookBusiness Intelligence gets more traction by the day: with offerings on the Cloud and mobile devices getting wider acceptance from the market.

MicroStrategy Reporting Suite is a complete BI platform that covers all data analysis needs that a company or public entity may have. Dashboards, Scorecards, KPIs, and all kinds of reports can be explored and manipulated in the desktop application, web interface, mobile devices or cloud.

The newest MicroStrategy tool for interactive data discovery (Visual Insight) brings the power of BI to business users, allowing them to analyze the information without the help of IT staff.

This book "Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy Cookbook" is the only one on the market to treat all aspects of a project with MicroStrategy: covering from installing the suite to use it in the cloud, through object creation, web documents, reports mobile and dynamic analysis.

Content is detailed step by step , presented in order of increasing difficulty, and it is aimed at professionals who come to discover BI for the first time or database developers who want to learn a leading technology in the world of analysis and data visualization.


Some of the topics treated in the book:

MicroStrategy Express

  • Create Year-to-Date type and Month-to-Date analyses
  • Using the In-Memory technology for immediate results and Data Discovery.
  • How to open a free account in the cloud and start creating reports with MicroStrategy Cloud Express
  • How to connect to a Hadoop database


Visual Insight of MicroStrategy

The book discusses and explains a wide range of real-life cases and data modeling best practices. It is easy to read and funny at times.

Very useful , especially for beginners, the over 90 screencasts, which -at no extra cost- you can view or download to follow all the practices. With the help of the videos this book becomes a fundamental resource for learning and using the software.

Davide Moraschi, the author, is a Business Intelligence professional and trainer; one of the few in Spain bearing the title of MCEP (MicroStrategy Certified Engineering Principal) , the highest level of certification for the product.


Last but not least, the introduction of the book is signed by Mark S. LaRow, vice president of Products at  MicroStrategy. This gives the book a special "endorsement" by the company.


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