Tablespaces status on DB2

Below are a list with the more common status of IBM DB2 tablespaces

The most used method to show the status of the tablespaces is, from the console command line:

db2 > list tablespaces show detail

Tablespace ID = 32


Type = Database managed space

Contents = All permanent data. Large table space.

State = 0x0000

Detailed explanation:


Total pages = 76552

Useable pages = 76544

Used pages = 74854

Free pages = 1690

High water mark (pages) = 74854

Page size (bytes) = 16384

Extent size (pages) = 2

Prefetch size (pages) = 8

Number of containers = 4


DB2 tablespaces status:

               0x0                         Normal

               0x1                         Quiesced : SHARE

               0x2                         Quiesced : UPDATE

               0x4                         Quiesced : EXCLUSIVE

               0x8                        Pending load

               0x10                      Pending delete

               0x20                      Pending backup

               0x40                      Roll Forward in Progress

               0x80                      Roll Forward Pending

               0x100                    Pending restore

               0x100                    Pending recovery (don't used)

               0x200                    Pending disable

               0x400                    Reorganization in progress

               0x800                    Backup in Progress

               0x1000                  Storage Must be Defined

               0x2000                  Restore in Progress

               0x4000                  Offline and Not Accessible

               0x8000                  Drop Pending

               0x2000000         Storage May be Defined

               0x4000000         Storage definition in final 'status'

               0x8000000         Storage definition changed before recovering

               0x10000000       Active DMS

               0x20000000       Drop tables space in progress

               0x40000000       Table Space Creation in Progress

               0x8                     Only for service use