Quiterian launches a health business unit in the US

The company combines its expertise in the European healthcare industry with Quiterian DDWeb’s analytical capabilities to provide the US organizations with specific and customized business solutions


Miami, FL, July 20, 2011 – Its expertise in the European health sector, public and private, has led Quiterian to develop a strategic health business unit in the US Eastern coast, that will be conducted from the US headquarters, in Miami (FL)

Since its foundation in the year 2003, Quiterian has achieved a large number of successful experiences within the European healthcare industry, both in public and in private institutions. Many clinics and hospitals, blood and organs banks, mutual insurance companies and other healthcare services have taken a stake on Quiterian DDWeb and on its advanced and predictive analytics solutions for non-technical users and analysts.

In fact, in a recent research about e-Health and e-Inclusion, the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science from the Andalusian Regional Government and the Society SANDETEL emphasized the leading role played by Business Intelligence (BI) applications for the proper functioning of the Spanish healthcare system. And, especially, they both reinforced the fact Quiterian DDWeb “enables its users to make unpredicted consultations aimed at the research process interactively and offering an immediate response.”

Quiterian’s achievements have shaped a considerable know how in the health branch, that the company now wills to maximize. Because of that, Quiterian launches a business unit in the Eastern coast of the US, aimed at replicating the European successful stories throughout the US, in order to obtain golden references in the health industry. This business unit will be conducted from the company’s US headquarters, in Miami (FL), and will be led by the Director of Professional Services and Responsible for the business development of Quiterian in the US, Pablo Villagrasa.

Villagrasa refers to this business unit as “the natural response to a clear market opportunity, and the chance to transfer our expertise in Europe’s health organizations – where the healthcare model is a referent worldwide – to the US companies and obtain, therefore, golden references that endorse us and help us in our expansion throughout the US.”

The strategy of the new business unit is based on offering the organizations operating in the US health industry business solutions based on Quiterian DDWeb’s advanced and predictive analytics. These solutions are planned to be designed from the acquired know how and customized to the pains and challenges of each customer. Some of the specific business solutions for the health industry that have been replicated the most are: efficiency in epidemiology and HER analysis, detection of frauds in health services, hospital indicators and dynamic dashboard, improvement in emergency dispatchers, prediction of patients’ diagnose, rational use of drugs, logistics and delivery optimization, etc.

About Pablo Villagrasa:

Pablo Villagrasa is university graduate in Engineering (1997) and Pharmacy (2003), and he holds a Master in Business Management. Throughout his career, he has provided his clientes with professional business and consultancy services, specializing in the healthcare areas. Since January 2011, he is the Director of Professional Services of Quiterian for the US and he is also Responsible for the business activity of the company in the US market.


To learn more about Quiterian:

Founded in 2003, Quiterian develops, markets and supports Quiterian DDWeb, self-service and agile Business Intelligence (BI) software that analyzes large volumes of data at record-breaking speeds. Quiterian includes advanced analytics and predictive analysis techniques and works on Big Data (at least 4TB). However the simplicity and intuitiveness of the platform enables any business user to make use of it.

Among its customers are leading companies in their sectors (El Corte Inglés, BBVA, La Caixa, Inversis, Telefonica, Vodafone, Orange, Telepizza, Volkswagen, Travel Club, Bayer, Sanofi), plus some of the most advanced government institutions (Governments of Andalusia, Catalonia, Valencia, Extremadura, Madrid City Council, Bilbao City Council, Metro of Madrid, Metro of Bilbao, ATM, Muface, Muprespa, ENESA).

European headquarters is located in Barcelona, Spain. The company has offices in Los Angeles (CA), Miami (FL), Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Lisbon and Mexico DF. In 2010, Quiterian commenced an international expansion, broadening their reach through the development of the Quiterian Business Partner Network.

Quiterian and DDWeb were featured in Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant for BI platforms 2011’ for easing the use of Data Mining and Statistical Analysis, and thus making these capabilities more broadly available.”

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