Latest Release Features Support for Oracle Data Mining and Oracle Spatial and Upgraded Migration Workbench


To further ease and improve Oracle Database developer productivity, Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle SQL Developer 3.0.

Based on customer feedback, this new release focuses on ease of migration, improving development and database administrator (DBA) tasks, and introduces support for Oracle Data Mining and Oracle Spatial.

A free graphical tool for database development, Oracle SQL Developer Release 3.0 is downloadable today from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). 


New Capabilities Extend Oracle SQL Developer Appeal to Broader Audience

Comprehensive and lightweight, Oracle SQL Developer 3.0 introduces new and enhanced usability features that help improve the productivity of DBAs and developers of all experience levels, including:

  • Enterprise Migrations – introduces command line scriptable migrations enabling automation
  • Application Scanning – introduces scanning of source code for Sybase ctlib/dblib APIs
  • Database Navigator – offers DBAs and developers a simple entry point to browse and update a database, including configuration and storage files, security for profiles, roles and users, and more
  • DBMS Scheduler – this new graphical editor helps users create, manage and plan programs, schedules, jobs and a variety of other objects
  • SQL Tuning Advisor – this code advisor analyzes high-volume SQL statements and offers tuning recommendations to developers writing queries
  • Explain Plan Diff – enables developers to run and compare queries and review Explain Plans side-by-side
  • Query Builder – offers developers a simple to use drag and drop interface for building queries

The new Oracle Data Miner extension for Oracle SQL Developer 3.0 is a workflow based graphical user interface for data mining that enables data analysts to build and evaluate multiple data mining models, apply models to new data and enable predictive insights across the enterprise.

The new spatial data management feature provides an SQL schema and functions that facilitate the storage, retrieval, update, and query of collections of spatial features in Oracle Database 11g enabling users to visualize query results in a map view. In addition, users can display layers on a map depending on the queries executed as well as drag and drop tables onto a map for quick display.

Oracle SQL Developer previously introduced an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database extension helping developers generate reports, perform group cache operations, manage users, browse and compile PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions, update table and column statistics and create, edit and drop a wider range of database objects.

Based on customer feedback, Oracle SQL Developer 3.0 delivers an upgraded migration workbench that improves the developer experience to help customers and partners simplify and reduce the cost of migrating to Oracle Database 11g.

To guide migration, developers can run project estimation and server reports, produce data quality metrics, drill into potential conversion issues and then use an interactive wizard that supports all phases of migration.

This new release embeds Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.0 to enable developers to open, view, and now update designs developed previously as well as query, run and write reports against the reporting repository.

Oracle SQL Developer is supported through My Oracle Support with any Oracle Database license and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


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