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This article shows the query to obtain the history of DB2 versions and patching. That is, not only shows the current version, but since when is installed / updated.

select versionnumber, version_timestamp

from sysibm.sysversions


The result of the query shows the version history / patch installation:

------------- --------------------------
9050000 2009-09-18-
9050300 2010-03-21-
9070300 2011-03-07-

Another methods to know the version and patch level of current DB2 installation is to use the utility “db2level” or by using another query over the DB2 catalog.

db2level utility: It provides information on the general characteristics of the installation DB2 (DB2 software path, version, patch,…)


Blog de Oscar_paredes

To tune a database is useful to create snapshots that capture information from different structures/components of the instance.

In this post we show how they can be used to perform an analysis of tuning.

First of all, the monitor switches must be on to collect data from the different structures.

The state monitors are available as follows:

db2pqr 2> db2 -v get monitor switches

Monitor Recording Switches

Switch list for db partition number 0

Buffer Pool Activity (BUFFERPOOL) = ON 01/19/2012 18:10:56.183312

Lock Information (LOCK) = ON 01/19/2012 18:10:56.183312

Sorting Information (SORT) = ON 01/19/2012 18:10:56.183312

SQL Statement Information (STATEMENT) = ON 01/19/2012 18:10:56.183312

Table Activity Information (TABLE) = ON 01/19/2012 18:10:56.183312

Take Timestamp Information (TIMESTAMP) = ON 01/19/2012 18:10:56.183312

Unit of Work Information (UOW) = ON 01/19/2012 18:10:56.183312



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The Underground PHP Oracle Manual

The Underground PHP and Oracle ManualThis PDF book is for PHP developers that want to implement aplications over an Oracle database. It bridges the gap between the many PHP and Oracle books available and shows how to use the PHP scripting language with Oracle Database. It explains how to install the environment, how to use it and how to obtain the best performance building web aplications with PHP and Oracle databases...