Tax Tips For COVID Season- How Small Businesses Can Stay
Safe In 2021

Now that the New Year is here, small business owners need to
gear up for the tax season. Things are likely to be different this
time because of the COVID-19 situation. The pandemic has disrupted
businesses but also opened them up to financial aid
by the government....


SAP ERP: Beyond The Suite 7 Horizon

I asked SAP CEO Christian Klein whether Suite 7 was
too perfect to make room for S/4 Hana. He replied that it is not a
matter of better or worse, but of acting quickly and thinking

SAP ERP- Digital transformation is a chance to think further, to
look beyond the familiar horizon. This expansion of the... Acquires Leading Agency ERP Developer, Advantage

ERP Developer-,a leading
programmatic platform for CTV, addressable and mobile advertising, announced that it has acquired
The Advantage Software Company, LLC. The acquisition creates a
groundbreaking combination...


The Historical Uses of Artificial Intelligence: Past and

The beginnings of the artificial intelligence world were
represented by the teasings of the science fiction genre, that
imagined robots that had similar capacities of humans, like the Tin
man from the famous Wizard of Oz, in the first half of the 20th
century. From there on, it was a world of endless



Why is Industrial Automation a Need of The Hour?

Doing everything on your own is no more a symbol of pride
anymore. That’s how automation processes came into existence. The
idea was to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing
costs in return. Surprisingly, for around 60% of the industries, at
least one-third of the activities can be automated.

That’s how...


Americares Selects Unit4’s Next-Generation ERPx

Unit4, a leader
in enterprise
cloud applications
 for mid-market services organizations, today
announced that Americares is the first global non-profit to
select Unit4 ERPx,


These five AI developments will shape 2021 and

Despite the travesties of 2020, artificial intelligence has
quickened its progress. Baidu upped its performance across
vaccines, autonomous vehicles, language processing, and quantum

AI developments- The year 2020 was profoundly challenging for
citizens, companies, and governments around the world. As covid-19...


Navigating the Benefits and Challenges of AI Implementation
as New Threats Loom

AI Implementation-Cybersecurity professionals are struggling to
navigate the many changes that are concurrently shaping the digital
landscape. A growing number of cyber-attacks and new complications
brought on by advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are two of
the biggest trends gripping the industry. Large scale data breaches...


Reasons Why AI Projects Fail, and How to Fix Them

AI is an attractive feature for new-generation IT systems and
applications, and a lot of investment is being put into them here
in 2021. But some finesse is often needed to make sure they work as
optimally as is promised.

AI Projects Fail- It’s no surprise that artificial
intelligence is a key ingredient in the modern tech...


Cloud ERP: Should small and medium businesses embrace

Cloud ERP- When a Small and Medium Business (SMB) starts
operating, it works on tools such as spreadsheets and collaborates
over readily available free tools. While this is a prudent approach
to save costs initially, it often impacts the growth prospects and
progress of the business.

As sales and revenues begin to grow and...