Pentaho 2.0: Virtual Image

From Grupo eGlu, Dario Bernabeu and Mariano García Mattío, we have created a virtual machine (vmware) that contains a fully functional BI solution.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 8.10
  • BI Platform: Pentaho 2.0

This demo also has the following modules:

  • Pentaho Data Integration: Through this tool we have designed the transformations and jobs that extract, transform and load the data to populate the Data Warehouse. (Select option 'No catalog')
  • Mondrian Workbench: Through this tool we have created multidimensional schemes.
  • Pentaho Metadata Editor: Through this tool we've created the Business Model.
  • Design Studio: Through this tool we have developed the xactions.
  • Pentaho Report Design: Through this tool we have created an ad hoc report that requests input parameters.

These modules can be accessed through the taskbar side:



The scope of this demo is from the creation of ETL processes, to the analysis and navigation of the data.

Users and passwords:

  • Logging on ubuntu:
    • user/pass: eglu/eglu
    • Pentaho services and Tomcat running when you log in ubuntu.
  • Login Pentaho User Console:
    • user/pass: eglu/password
  • Log in Pentaho Administration Console:
    • user/pass: admin/password
  • Publication Pass: password

Some images:

  • Login:


  •  Ad Hoc Reports:


  • Interactive Reports:


  • Dashboards:



Finally, here is the download link: Direct download of Pentaho Virtual Machine 

Note that this demo is available here and now thanks to Carlos Fernandez.
Thank you very much Carlos!

We hope you find it useful.