We show a summary of capabilities of this tool integrated in the Oracle BI suite including the features included in version 11g.

There is also a standalone version of XML Publisher Enterprise independent from Oracle suite. Oracle BI Publisher allows to publish and distribute reports in the field of enterprise-wide operational reporting detail. These reports can be created from the same portal (DHTML editor). It has a graphical interface that greatly facilitates the work. In terms of SQL, allows you to write sentences directly or help a Query Builder. A major advantage of the tool is that the report design can be based on templates made with Microsoft Word, Excel or Adobe Acrobat. Oracle BI Publisher also offers support for Adobe Flex, so you can create Flex templates, format for creating interactive reports and forms. BI Publisher separates the creation of the data (XML) formatting. The engine can deal with any XML data, allowing integration with any system that generates XML as Web services or any JDBC data source. BI Publisher can merge different data sources into a single output document. As for distribution of reports counts with a scheduler that allows us to schedule delivery of the report. We have different distribution platforms as fax, print, mail and published on the site.
Similarly allows multiple output formats as: pdf, rtf, html, xml, xls, etc.. BI Publisher is based on the W3C XSL-FO standard. BI Publisher is a J2EE application that can be deployed in any J2EE container. To summarize is a great alternative to publish any report of high fidelity.