Configuring a Disaster Recovery Solution for Oracle
Integration Cloud

In this blog post we are following the official documentation for the configuration of disaster recovery for the OIC. We are focusing only on the networking required to have this disaster recovery. The provisioning of the Service and the replication to the second region is not in the scope of this blog.


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This article originally appeared in Knowable Magazine.



4 tips to help you achieve ‘Inbox Zero’ in Gmail

A Macbook laptop with Gmail loading in a browser. If you're lucky, you'll reach Inbox Zero in Gmail.

Reaching Inbox Zero in Gmail will be much easier if you follow this advice. Solen Feyissa / Unsplash


Create a custom endpoint for Oracle Integration

Oracle Integration cloud is a PaaS service part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. By default, when you provision the service, your service console will be part of the domain This blog is showing how to configure a custom endpoint for the service.