Jaspersoft Teams with VMware To Deliver Business Intelligence for Data-Driven Cloud Applications

Jaspersoft Enhances VMware Cloud Foundry Platform with Unique Business Intelligence for PaaS

Jaspersoft has teamed with VMware to integrate Jaspersoft’s BI Platform with the Cloud Foundry open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Jaspersoft’s BI for PaaS integrates with Cloud Foundry to provide easy and powerful reporting to enable data-driven, cloud-based application development. Studies show that decisions based on these data-driven applications create significant, measurable increases in output and productivity. The cloud can enable organizations to harness large amounts of data with greater flexibility, while supporting more data-driven applications. Together with Cloud Foundry, Jaspersoft’s cloud BI capabilities can enable better decision-making on a choice of public, private, or micro clouds.

Cloud-based systems for ERP, CRM, SCM, eCommerce and other transactional systems are becoming increasingly widespread due to the efficiencies of cloud-based infrastructure. These systems generate and capture large volumes of data, but creating data-driven applications to navigate this data and derive meaningful insights can be challenging. Combining Jaspersoft BI with Cloud Foundry provides developers with an easy, scalable and cost-effective PaaS deployment method for enabling data-driven applications. This allows enterprises to quickly deploy analytic applications to uncover patterns in their data, driving improved organizational performance while gaining better access to information for more informed decision-making.

With Cloud Foundry, VMware offers a competitive PaaS solution, built on open source technologies. Jaspersoft will offer an open source edition of its flagship Jaspersoft BI Suite, pre-configured for Cloud Foundry, which supports the ability to access relational databases like MySQL and Big Data services like MongoDB. Jaspersoft provides native access to the leading Big Data products, including MongoDB, for which it recently announced the industry’s first BI connector.

“As VMware pairs with leading organizations to build out the Cloud Foundry ecosystem, we are pleased to work with Jaspersoft to integrate its business intelligence platform with Cloud Foundry,” said Jerry Chen, Vice President, Cloud and Application Services, VMware. “Adding Jaspersoft’s robust BI to Cloud Foundry enables developers to have a powerful and flexible way to deploy and scale data-driven applications quickly, and glean insights from those applications, without restricting the use of infrastructure.”

”Jaspersoft is thrilled to partner with VMware to build out business intelligence for PaaS,” added Karl Van den Bergh, Jaspersoft Vice President of Product and Alliances. “Cloud Foundry brings amazing flexibility to developers by allowing them access to many cloud technologies and infrastructures. As application development continues to shift to the cloud, we will see open PaaS BI further strengthen the development and deployment of data-driven applications.”


For more information on Jaspersoft’s new BI for PaaS offering, please visit https://www.jaspersoft.com/paas-business-intelligence and view the Jaspersoft/VMware webinar at http://www.jaspersoft.com/cloudfoundry-webinar.