Signs Your Software Needs Modernization - XB Software

Sooner or later there comes a time when the shortcomings of the legacy software outweigh its usefulness for a certain company. And it’s quite important to interpret the wake-up calls correctly to proceed with software modernization until it becomes too late. Well, the most common reasons making business owners think over making the improvements in a legacy system are the following:

  • Operation and Maintenance Costs Exceed the Benefits Legacy System May Provide

  • Legacy System Performance Leaves Much to Be Desired

  • Your Legacy App is not Compatible with Other Contemporary Systems

  • Your Legacy System Does Not Possess Enough Flexibility

  • Your Legacy System is Run on On-premise Server

  • Adding New Functions Turns into a Challenge

  • Your Legacy Software is no More Capable of Solving Your Business Problems

  • Technologies Your Application was Developed with Became Obsolete

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