QlikTech Teams Up with Trillium Software to Deliver Enterprise-strength Data Quality to Qlikview Business Discover Platform

Combined best-of-breed technologies to address customers’ data quality requirements

QlikTech announced it has formed a technology and referral alliance with Trillium Software, a business of Harte-Hanks, Inc. and a leading enabler of Total Data Quality solutions. As a result of close compatibility and technical connectivity with Trillium Software’s Trillium Software System data quality solution, QlikView customers can more quickly and efficiently ensure the integrity and accuracy of business data flowing into a QlikView application. Customers across several industries including healthcare, financial services, retail, and public sector will benefit from this alliance, which addresses several issues such as data management, master data management (MDM), and data quality.

With the volume of data continuing to grow, global organizations are faced with the challenge of ensuring that the vast amount of complex source data they rely on for effective decision-making is accurate, complete, fit for its intended purpose and relevant. QlikView’s user-driven Business Discovery approach delivers an easy-to-use dashboard for simple, efficient data exploration and analysis. With Trillium Software’s proven data quality solution – that provides market-leading global data profiling, data cleansing, enhancement, and data linking capabilities – QlikView customers now benefit from the highest quality data to support mission-critical business processes and applications as well as improved strategic decision making.

“Companies view data quality as critical for key data initiatives including master data management, data warehousing, business intelligence, data governance and risk management. But, even more importantly, research shows that the quality of your data directly impacts business drivers and leads to important quantitative value and benefits that help enterprises perform optimally,” said David Pietropaolo, vice president of Global Alliances at Trillium Software. “Combined with QlikView’s complete Business Discovery platform, we’re offering customers the simplicity and ease of the QlikView experience with the certainty of knowing their enterprise data is accurate and of high value – from when data first enters the company and throughout its lifecycle – in order to ensure the best-possible business results.”

QlikView’s in-memory technology offers the fastest way to gain insight from data trapped in backend systems because it frees users from the traditional disk-based BI requirement of long, costly data integration projects. With QlikView, customers can consolidate data from various sources to produce a single view for analysis. Whether the data originates from CRM applications, financial applications, or other external data suppliers, there is often a wide variety in content, format, and the syntactic and semantic validity within these different data sources. Additionally, the data may be incomplete, inaccurate, outdated, or otherwise divergent. The combination of QlikView and Trillium Software establishes control and maximizes the integrity and value of an organization’s most important information assets.

“Trusted data is key,” said Peter McQuade, vice president of Global Alliances at QlikTech. “Trillium Software is recognized as an information quality market leader, with unique strengths in data discovery and cleansing that complements the robustness of QlikView’s broader data management offering. In order to provide our customers with the most effective data-cleansing and matching functionality, we are committed to teaming with the industry’s best-of-breed vendors to deliver leading data-quality and integration functionality from a single platform.”

Recently, QlikView was ranked first among the BI Giants peer group in customer loyalty, performance satisfaction (least complaints), bought for features, inclination to purchase more licenses, overall competitiveness, and product quality. The BI Survey 10, conducted by the Business Application Research Center (BARC), is the world's largest independent survey of Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management (PM) users.


About Trillium Software

Harte-Hanks Trillium Software enables organizations to achieve Total Data Quality by providing a full complement of technologies and services providing global data profiling, data cleansing, enhancement, and data linking for e-business, customer relationship management, data governance, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, data warehouse, and other enterprise applications. 

About QlikTech

QlikTech is a leader in Business Discovery—user-driven Business Intelligence (BI). QlikTech's powerful, accessible Business Discovery solution bridges the gap between traditional business intelligence solutions and standalone office productivity applications. Its QlikView Business Discovery platform enables intuitive user-driven analysis that can be implemented in days or weeks rather than months, years, or not at all. The in-memory associative search technology it pioneered allows users to explore information freely rather than being confined to a predefined path of questions. QlikView Business Discovery works with existing BI applications and adds new capabilities: insight for everyone, zero-wait analysis, mobility, an app–like model, remixability and reassembly, and a social and collaborative experience. Headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, QlikTech has offices around the world serving more approximately 22,000 customers in over 100 countries.