DataRobot Platform

DataRobot Machine Learning

DataRobot is a data science platform that helps companies make better decisions using large amounts of data. It provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to ask questions, extract and analyse data, and generate predictive models.

DataRobot provides tools to quickly and efficiently build and deploy machine learning models for any business problem. It is built for businesses and enables the creation of predictive models in a short time.

DataRobot was founded by three data scientists who saw the need for an easier way to use machine learning in their work. They also saw that many companies were held back by the difficulty of creating machine learning models. They knew they could do better, so they set out to do it.

It is used by data scientists and analysts who want to create predictive models using machine learning. DataRobot is built on the idea of "learning by doing" and can be used by anyone with no prior experience in machine learning. The platform has an intuitive interface and provides users with a graphical representation of their models that makes it easy to understand how they work.

Data Robot has been designed with both ease of use and scalability in mind, making it a great choice for both novice and expert data scientists. It is also compatible with leading open source tools such as TensorFlow and PyTorch.

The software allows users to easily build models in Python and R. The user can then run the model from within the application or export it to other popular tools such as Amazon SageMaker, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Google Cloud ML Engine or IBM Watson Studio.

DataRobot uses a unique supervised learning approach called "intuitionistic fuzzy sets" (IFS) that allows it to handle many types of noisy data without the need for a lot of training data. This makes it possible for anyone who can write code in Python or R to build powerful predictive models without having any experience with machine learning techniques such as neural networks or deep learning algorithms.

The main features of the tool include:

  • Automated ML model building:  
    DataRobot automatically builds machine learning models using proprietary algorithms, without requiring any coding expertise or training from the user.


  • Automated Deployment:After building the model with DataRobot, it can be automatically deployed to production without requiring manual intervention.


  • Workflow management:DataRobot allows users to manage their entire workflow using a single platform.