Google Cloud AI

Google Cloud AI Platform is a comprehensive set of tools for building, deploying and managing machine learning applications, or integrating them into home-grown applications. It includes pre-trained models that can be used out-of-the-box or customised to meet specific business needs, as well as a wide variety of integrated services that can be used together or separately to build any type of application.

Key features include:

  • Machine learning: The product can automatically create machine learning models through a set of tools and services. It includes Natural Language Processing to analyse text or speech and extract its meaning, and speech recognition.


  • An API that allows developers to integrate their code with Google's machine learning platform. With this function, you can take advantage of Google's huge databank of data, algorithms and models. This API makes it possible to create applications that use natural language processing, speech recognition and other AI capabilities.


  • Another feature is a set of pre-built tools for developers to create their own applications. These tools include image recognition and translation services: they are ready for developers who want to focus on building their application rather than creating custom machine learning models from scratch.


  • Finally, Google also offers training programmes for developers who want to learn how to use its platform in greater depth or become certified in the system's API integration capabilities.