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  • La banca invierte en TI para sobrevivir

    Me parece muy interesante este artículo, que aunque en inglés, describe cómo las exigencias normativas en banca, obligan a este sector a invertir crecientemente en TI.


    Banks and technology.


    Interesting study rescued by Juan Antonio Falcon Blasco


    Put out that statement and watch share prices fall, incur the wrath of all your regulators,

    and prepare to set aside even higher capital buffers to compensate for now-suspect risk calculations.

    Institutions providing unsatisfactory regulatory capital reports may be subject to constraints to

    capital activities, even in situations where reported capital meets required minimum standards.

    This is just one example of the direct cost of inadequate risk and regulatory reporting processes.

    This institution may have revealed its error, but there are certainly other reporting errors that have gone

    undisclosed or even undetected. There is just too much data to analyze and too many calculations

    to report to expect perfection, particularly given the current state of data management and the data

    reconciliation that is required to ensure trusted data sources. Legacy core systems were developed