Denodo Platform

Denodo Platform is a data integration, management and analytics platform. It offers a wide range of capabilities to help accelerate the development and deployment of data-driven applications in an enterprise environment.

Denodo Platform simplifies the process of designing and deploying data integration solutions by leveraging the power of metadata-driven design. It enables rapid development, deployment and maintenance of custom data integration solutions by supporting both high- and low-level programming models through its visual programming language.

It provides an abstraction layer between source systems and data warehouses, so that all data sources can be easily accessed in a single environment. Users create virtual databases that can be used to access disparate data sources, including relational databases, data warehouses and other structured and unstructured data stores.

Key features of the Denodo platform include:

  • Modelling and management capabilities
  • High-performance storage engine
  • Access to all data sources to bring together and manage all data in one place.
  • Supports both traditional ETL processes and modern business intelligence (BI) capabilities such as visual analytics.
  • It enables information sharing through Denodo's secure cloud service or on-premise deployment,

The platform includes several tools to help users implement their data integration strategies. These include:

- Denodo Designer: A visual tool for designing virtual databases in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

- Denodo Data Integration Studio: An enterprise-class tool for automating the execution of ETL jobs.

- Denodo Query Studio: A query tool that allows users to access data from any number of sources.

The Denodo platform is used in many industries, including finance, retail, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, logistics and more.