Infor BI

Infor BI is Infor's Business Intelligence platform. The suite operates independently of Infor ERP, similar to SAP's ERP and BI Business Objects, but ERP customers have the advantage of being able to access pre-built models using Infor ERP as a data source.

Suite Infor BI - Cuadro de mando

As a Business Intelligence suite, Infor BI is a very complete tool, with ETL or data preparation and loading capabilities provided by Infor BI ImportMaster, its Infor BI OLAP Server, with in-memory OLAP database technology for instant response analysis processes, combinable with relational model data sources, and tools for metadata modelling and development of reports and dashboards accessible via the web or from mobile devices. The software for creating dashboards for web or mobile is called 'Mobile apps with BI dashboards'.  The suite also features the Infor BI Office Plus tool, an Excel-based interface that provides integration with Excel so that users can create their own reports in Excel incorporating data and objects from the BI platform.

One of the strengths of Infor BI is that it has write-back capabilities, making it also a CPM tool for strategic management, planning, budgeting and financial consolidation. With Infor BI Application Studio, operational reports, analytics and dashboards as well as data-entry applications can be created and used in a web environment.

Finally, another advantage for customers of Infor ERP, as well as SAP ERP, is that it includes pre-configured solutions for these ERPs.

Infor BI software can be installed on customers' own servers, or used as a service on Infor's Cloud platform.

Infor BI licenses can be purchased as a standalone product or as part of the ERP licensing as a component.