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iWay is the name given to Information Builders' data integration and data integrity solutions. The iWay integration suite is based on J2EE technology, and can also be deployed in the cloud for use in iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) mode.

Plataforma ETL de iWay

iWay Integration Software

iWay's integration tools can be used as stand-alone solutions, or to complement existing infrastructures using IBM WebSphere, Microsoft .NET, SAP NetWeaver, and Oracle Fusion. This approach enables organizations to accelerate the construction of integration architectures. The architecture supports either real-time integration, web or web services oriented integration, or event-driven integration.

The ETL enables real-time data integration and has a catalog of more than 300 pre-built integration components that can be found in this list of integration adapters. The development environment is based on Eclipse and is fully integrated with iWay's Data Quality and Master Data suites.

This integration suite has a dashboard for centralized application monitoring and management, uses ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) to integrate with third party ESB's and provide event-driven integration. It offers real-time data replication capabilities, a B2B manager of third-party information and applications, format transformations such as EDI, HIPAA, SWIFT, FWF, CSV, XML, support for using various security standards such as SSL/TLS, AS/2, S/FTP, FTP/S, parallel message processing and component library management for reuse.

Herramienta de integración iWay ETL


iWay Data Quality Management Suite

The iWay Data Quality Management suite includes tools for profiling, merging, merging, cleansing and enriching data, and an automated engine that, applying predefined business rules, validates and corrects information classified as incorrect.

It also has a data quality firewall to validate and correct incoming data in real time.

Master Data Management and Data Governance

Master Data Management or MDM consolidates information by keeping master data in a single repository available to the entire organization. It has, among others, vertical solutions for finance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

iWay's Data Governance tools form an integrated system that regulates the data that is collected, used in business processes, and that enters operational applications and databases, or is accessed by users. They enable quality monitoring, with real-time supervision and control of data quality problems that require manual corrections.


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