Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

Oracle's Business Intelligence Suite, better known as OBI, is a complete BI and analytics platform.


Oracle's data integration software or ETL allows feeding the metadata layer of OBI, which supports different sources, both relational databases and ESSBASE cubes, or even Big Data systems such as Apache Hadoop.

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI)

The development tools used by the IT department allow the creation of all kinds of reports and analytical applications accessible via web and mobile devices, such as dashboards, operational reports, analytical reports, alerts, notifications and distribution, strategic management and advanced analytics, with the possibility of using R scripts to feed data sets.

Oracle Data Visualization, Oracle's data discovery software for the business user, is available as an optional component of OBI.

For Oracle customers using Oracle E-Business Suite, the manufacturer includes application packages for different industries already developed on OBI with Oracle E-Business Suite as the data source.

OBI is installed in client/server mode, although the vendor offers an alternative in the cloud with Oracle BI Cloud Services, a pay-per-use BI environment that allows the use of virtually all OBI functionality, including Oracle Data Visualization. Oracle also offers cloud migration support tools to minimise the need to redevelop certain applications and reports.


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Resources about Oracle Business Intelligence

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