Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery, recuperación de bases de datos Oracle

Oracle Database Recovery is a software from the company Stellar that allows you to restore Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g databases and recover database objects by repairing corrupt or inaccessible .DBF files.

This restore software is installed on Windows operating systems (Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008), and works on Oracle DBF files to rebuild the damaged objects on a new empty database, thus eliminating any risk of damaging the original Oracle database, or its files.

Base de datos Oracle vacía para restaurar

You can freely download a demo version of this Oracle database recovery software, and use it to select the database files from which you need to recover objects, and check the status of these objects.

The demo version presents a tree with all the database objects on which the recovery process can be launched, including a preview of these objects, although to start the restoration of these objects on the empty database it is necessary to purchase the full version licence.


Key Features of Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery

Selective Recovery of Database Components

This Oracle database recovery software displays a tree of database objects on which you can select the specific objects you want to restore, or the entire database as well.

Arbol de objetos a restaurar de base de datos Oracle


Previewing database components

After scanning files, the software allows you to select any component of the database object tree to activate a preview of its contents before restoring.

In this object tree, tables of all types, tablespaces, user schemas, materialised views, triggers, roles, privileges, indexes, stored procedures, clusters, user-defined functions, database links queries, packages, etc. can be selected for restoration.

Objetos de base de datos Oracle para restaurar


Item search option
Stellar Oracle Recovery includes an Item Search option to assist in locating objects in large databases.

Restore Process Log
After successfully executing the recovery process, the software generates a log report with information about the entire restore process, including times, logs and recovered objects.

Queries of the database components
Regardless of whether the restore can be performed, Database Recovery stores queries for views, procedures, triggers, functions, packages, package body's and dblinks in a text file.

Searching the database
Stellar software includes an Oracle database search option, which searches the system for existing Oracle database files, displaying information such as creation and modification date, and database name, for the correct selection of files containing the objects to be recovered.

Retrieving XML content from Oracle databases
The application also supports the retrieval of XML data stored in database tables, as well as the retrieval of XML Schemas.


Resources about Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery

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