Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software used in SaaS mode. It is a Cloud application, easy to configure and use, and pay by monthly subscription. The price of the Zoho CRM subscription is per user, and the fee depends on the mode of use, or the functionalities that are used.

There is a free subscription with no time limit for 3 users that is perfectly functional as a basic CRM in Cloud mode. For small organisations this free version may be sufficient, and the functionality can always be extended if necessary.

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Main features of Zoho CRM

Sales force automation

Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity Management to improve sales by automating tasks, improving workflow, defining your own rules and focusing efforts on creating and capturing Opportunities.

It includes the creation of web forms for lead capture, and automation of workflow and marketing tasks.


Sales management

Dashboards, sales reporting and analytical facilities to fully track the path from lead generation to sales conversion. Includes role-based security, territory management and sales forecasting.


Multi-channel conversation

Social CRM to associate social network profiles with CRM contact or lead profiles.

Sending communications by email and control of results from the CRM itself, registration of telephone call data, and live chat with web visitors.

Team collaboration functionalities for the sales force.


Monitoring of activities

Logging of tasks, events and calls associated with CRM records.

Track visits to the website, with immediate notifications to initiate a chat if deemed appropriate.

Integration with Google AdWords


CRM extensions

Product customisation, API and development of Apps and custom functions.

Customer Support Module with registration of Cases and Solutions related to the use of products or services.

Document Management Module



Integration with other Zoho products such as Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Reports, Zoho Projects, Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho Support, Zoho Survey, Zoho Invoice or Zoho Creator.

Plug-ins for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook

Zoho Phonebridge for call centres, with connectors for Twilio, Ringio, Avaya, Asterisk and Elastix.

Integration with Google Apps for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Contact and web Forms for Google Sites.



Mobile versions are available to continue tracking sales activities, or view customer information from Android, iPad and iPhone devices.

Configuración de Zoho CRM

In short, Zoho CRM is a CRM in Cloud mode with monthly subscription payment, available for several languages, including Spanish. It is easy to configure and use, and offers great flexibility in terms of modules, functionalities, and integration with other applications, which makes it especially suitable for small businesses, and also for medium-sized companies.

The free version for 3 users is perfect for small businesses, which will always have the possibility to extend the subscription if necessary. SMEs or larger companies will surely require some of the functionalities of the Standard, Professional or Enterprise editions, but they can also start with the basics with the Free version, and expand their functionalities by changing to one of these editions.

Zoho also offers free 15-day trial versions of the paid editions, which can be activated from the same environment of the Free Edition.