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  • 5 (Best) Use Cases of Natural Language Processing in Banking Sectors

    With AI and ML advanced algorithms, banking sectors use NLP to automate the various processes. The procedure includes document processing, analyzing, and activities related to customers for hassle-free services. The banking industry is one of the critical sectors for more than decades, and lots of transactions take place at every moment. And it is always a huge challenge to have everything on the record without a series of automation processes..

  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing

    Language is very important for communication, it works like a tool. According to a google search, there are 7117 languages that exist in the world. But all these languages are used by humans only and in this digital world, only humans are not interested in communicating with each other only, since the development of machines. And the start of the digital world is because of computer invention. Today we all can work with the computer very efficiently.

    But in the beginning, the computer was vast and very fast as today, because it was not able to process our language so it landed to miscommunication. This is time when Natural language processing comes into the picture..