• Course: Introduction to Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy

    Sevilla. Espacio RES.

    The course is open to students and unemployed professionals with background in one or more of the following topics:

    • Statistics / Mathematics
    • Information Technology
    • Database and data analysis
    • Marketing / Research
    • Financials

    During the first part we will cover the fundamentals of business Intelligence, with a recap of dimensional modelling, database design and data quality.

    The theory will be paired with practices and exercises with public domain datasets. Students are welcome to bring their own databases if so they wish.

    The second and more expended part will be focused on the MicroStrategy software and SQL Server database..

  • Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy

    Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy CookbookBusiness Intelligence gets more traction by the day: with offerings on the Cloud and mobile devices getting wider acceptance from the market.

    MicroStrategy Reporting Suite is a complete BI platform that covers all data analysis needs that a company or public entity may have. Dashboards, Scorecards, KPIs, and all kinds of reports can be explored and manipulated in the desktop application, web interface, mobile devices or cloud..

  • Reseña del libro Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy

    Libro Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy Cookbook

    La inteligencia de negocio (Business Intelligence) gana día tras día más importancia, con las ofertas en la nube y los dispositivos móviles que obtienen una aceptación más amplia y una mayor penetración en el mercado.

    MicroStrategy Reporting Suite es una plataforma de BI completa que cubre todas las necesidades de análisis de datos de una empresa u entidad pública. Cuadros de mando, Scorecards, KPI y todo tipo de informes se pueden explorar y manipular en la aplicación de escritorio, en la interfaz Web, con dispositivos móviles u en la nube.