Sage Control Horario

Sage Control Horario is the Sage Cloud solution that allows you to keep track of attendance and time management of workers' working days, holidays and absences.

It offers a digital clocking-in and holiday request system that is easy to use both from computers, via the web, and from Android or IOS mobile devices with the use of an App.


Sage control horario

For clocking in, it can be integrated with clocking terminals.

Although it works autonomously, it also integrates with Sage 200cloud Laboral, and even with other systems, thanks to an open API.

Detail of Sage Time & Attendance functionalities

Time and attendance control

  • Adapted to current labour legislation on Time and Attendance, including official reports for the Labour Inspectorate.
  • Time and attendance records for full time and part time contracts, with management of complementary hours, overtime, night work, absenteeism...
  • Digital clocking in for the employee, via web or App on mobile devices.
  • Integration with clocking terminals (biometrics, facial recognition, card, geolocation and turnstile access).
  • Unlimited creation of fixed, flexible and rotating schedules.
  • Reports on hours actually worked

Holidays and absences

  • Quick holiday and absence requests
  • Approval with all information on a single screen
  • Up-to-date days available for employees
  • Comprehensive overview of the status of your teams for managers

Shift management

  • Planning and allocation of rotating work cycles
  • Easy visualisation of shifts in the calendar, by work centres, departments, positions, etc.
  • Direct assignment or modification of shifts from the calendar.


  • Per employee, activity, attendance, visits, etc.
  • Updated metrics and KPIs for Personnel Management.
  • Information on absenteeism rates, holiday balances, legal report of hours worked, etc.
  • Export and share reports with any user.


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