Sage CRM

Sage CRM is Sage's Customer Relationship Management software, aimed at companies with up to 500 employees, which allows you to manage customer contacts and agendas, automate repetitive tasks in the sales cycle, track marketing campaigns and customer service.

Sage CRM is available in both on-premise and cloud versions (Sage CRM Cloud), although the on-premise version of the software has some more advanced features, such as integration with Sage 200.

Sage CRM


Sage CRM features in detail

  • Contact and agenda management - Sage CRM allows you to unify customer information (general company data, contact persons, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses) in a single place, a source of information about customers and potential customers. Agenda management allows you to organise personal and team activities in a collaborative way and to record meetings, calls, emails, etc. in the communication history of each client.
  • Sage CRM for Sales - Focused on sales opportunities. The global vision of opportunities in progress (pipeline) allows you to select the most profitable ones and dedicate your sales efforts to them, without losing sight of the rest. Combined with sales forecasts, a medium-term vision of the future evolution of sales is obtained, in order to make business decisions based on real data. Process flows make it possible to systematise the stages of the sales cycle and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Sage CRM for Marketing - Allows you to manage marketing campaigns, planning in detail, controlling costs and measuring the results and return on actions. Allows you to tailor messages to target audiences and timing, thanks to segmentation tools. Extend the conversation with customers and prospects to social networks, thanks to Social CRM capabilities, and interact with them in a collaborative way. 
  • Sage CRM for Customer Service - Manage the activities of the Customer Service department. It records incidents, queries, complaints, claims,... ensuring that all are properly managed and none are left unresolved, thanks to the alert system. The incident resolution process can be automated thanks to the process flows. The self-service portal allows you to offer 24x7 contact options to customers.


Resources about Sage CRM

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