Sage Murano ERP

Sage Murano ERP, now replaced by Sage200 cloud, is Sage's ERP for small and medium-sized companies, from 10 to 200 employees, of which up to 100 could work concurrently.

It has modules for managing the areas of Finance, Projects, Manufacturing and Management, and offers extra functionalities such as banking communication or invoice digitalisation, as well as the possibility of integration with Sage Laboral Murano and Sage CRM.

Pantalla de Sage Murano ERP


Sage Murano features detail

  • Finances control - Sage Murano ERP allows you to work on the financial aspects of your company, from the registration of customers to the modification of the company's structure.
  • Commercial management - Management of purchasing and sales circuits, management of Contracts, or set of concepts to be invoiced periodically to customers, with free definition of prices, periodicity and start and end dates; management of files, warehouses; Integration with EDI systems.
  • Production management - From the definition of production scandals to the calculation of production waste and scrap, including the definition of work centres, and all the functionalities necessary for the management of the company's production.
  • Project management - Control and monitoring of the temporary planning of projects from the definition of the set of tasks and sub-tasks that compose them. Control of the duration of tasks and material and human resources assigned, and preparation of detailed budgets by chapters, sub-chapters and items and monitoring of client invoicing.
  • Business analytics - Sage Murano ERP includes a business intelligence solution to know all the data, where they are and perform analysis and reporting of business indicators to carry out better decision making.
  • Document management - This software allows you to classify and store documents in a way that makes them easy to find. Sage Murano ERP makes document management easy.
  • Total accessibility - The main indicators of the dashboard can be viewed from any terminal with Internet access.  
  • Advanced functionalities - Scanning and automatic invoice accounting (iEscan), mobility for tablets and smartphones, digital product catalogue (Sage Murano Catalogue), electronic invoicing, EDI, search engine to speed up access to information, integration with Google Maps, import manager, XML communications, external access to Sage Murano ERP processes and execution of batch processes (Sage Scheduler).
  • Integration with other solutions -Possibility of integration with point of sale, e-commerce, CRM and labour and human resources management.

*Update: Sage Murano is now Sage 200cloud

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