Talend Data Fabric

Talend Data Fabric is data integration software that allows users to combine and manipulate data from multiple sources in both cloud and on-premises environments.

It allows users to connect different types of data, including structured, unstructured and semi-structured data from multiple sources.


What Talend Data Fabric allows you to do

  • Data integration: The software is used to combine and manipulate data from multiple sources. It allows Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data from one or more sources into any target system.
  • Create and share reusable data pipelines that integrate with any technology.
  • Data quality: Helps improve data quality by providing tools to identify duplicates, clean up erroneous entries, normalise values, etc.
  • Data governance: Users can easily manage their data through different processes such as cleansing, deduplication and matching records with similar values in another database.
  • Data management: The software provides tools to manage data across multiple systems at once using an integrated platform.
  • Create predictive models that analyse data to identify patterns and trends in real time.


Talend Data Fabric main features

Flexible integration: Supports integration with any source, destination and service

Ease of use: Provides simple user interface and clean code

Scalable: Supports large volumes of data

High performance: Provides fast processing with low latency

Pre-built connectors: For connecting enterprise applications with the latest technologies

Cloud-optimised: Meets AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and IBM Cloud requirements