IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Watson Analytics is a data visualisation and predictive analytics service that uses artificial intelligence techniques to enable rapid, autonomous discovery of patterns and meaning in data.

With guided data discovery, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities such as natural language dialogue, Watson Analytics allows you to 'converse' with data and get understandable answers.

IBM Watson Analytics

Key features of IBM Watson Analytics

Natural Language Dialogue

Enables you to 'converse' with data and discover new associations and insights, in a web environment or from a mobile device app, such as an iPad.

Automated predictive analytics

Automated predictive analytics exploration

One-click analytics

One-click data discovery with automated visualisations that can be inserted into dashboards.

Intelligent data discovery

Search for patterns in data based on natural language words, with cognitive features that provide starting points and guide you to answers.

Simplified analysis

Rapid understanding of data through automation

Accessible advanced analytics

Connect to data without the need for complex data preparation or refinement. Accessible advanced analytics eliminates complexity and tedious tasks.

Self-service dashboards

Easily create dashboards or infographics from visualisations saved at the data discovery stage.