Microsoft SQL Server BI


The main components of Microsoft's Business Intelligence solution are included in SQL Server, which at the database level supports both ROLAP technology to support a datawarehouse on a relational model, and MOLAP technology, with the ability to create and manage OLAP cubes with SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). AS cubes are accessible from a variety of Microsoft and third-party tools, as well as from Azure.

Plantillas de SQL Server Data Tools


The main development environment is provided by the SQL Server Data Tools software, based on the Microsoft Visual Studio environment, which provides project templates for ETL (Integration Services), OLAP cube creation (Analysis Services), and reporting (Reporting Services).

Reports can also be created with Report Builder, a solution with a more drag-and-drop interface.

Mobile-friendly reporting is covered by SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher, Microsoft's mobile BI solution from the recent acquisition of Datazen, which in SQL Server 2016 allows you to publish reports on Reporting Services.

SQL Server 2016 Mobile BI - Reporting Services

SharePoint PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer can also be used to create dashboards.

SQL Server 2016 includes Revolution R, for working with R directly from SQL Server.

The licensing model is per processor, with two main editions of SQL Server, the Standard edition, which includes the core BI capabilities, and the Enterprise edition, which includes the mobile BI solution, and advanced analytics options.


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