Server installation

Oracle Database

Oracle Database delivers performance, scalability, reliability and security in both on-premise and cloud deployments.

Oracle Database 19c is the current long-term release, which also provides the highest level of release stability and the longest time frame for support and bug fixes.

Informatica Powercenter

Informatica Powercenter is a data integration platform that helps connect, manage and use data across applications, databases, cloud and mobile devices.

Powercenter is a product that unifies data integration and management, master data management (MDM), and data quality and governance. It enables users to access, integrate and enrich data from any source and create a single version of the truth.

Talend Data Fabric

Talend Data Fabric is data integration software that allows users to combine and manipulate data from multiple sources in both cloud and on-premises environments.

It allows users to connect different types of data, including structured, unstructured and semi-structured data from multiple sources.


SQL Server Integration Services

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a component of Microsoft SQL Server that helps organisations integrate data from multiple sources into a single location. It provides a user-friendly environment for designing, developing and executing data integration tasks.

SSIS streamlines the process of moving data between applications, databases and files. It provides a consistent platform for integrating all types of structured and unstructured data.

Denodo Platform

Denodo Platform is a data integration, management and analytics platform. It offers a wide range of capabilities to help accelerate the development and deployment of data-driven applications in an enterprise environment.

Denodo Platform simplifies the process of designing and deploying data integration solutions by leveraging the power of metadata-driven design. It enables rapid development, deployment and maintenance of custom data integration solutions by supporting both high- and low-level programming models through its visual programming language.

Tableau Server

Tableau Server y dispositivos móbiles

Tableau Server is Tableau's server software, which allows you to host reports and dashboards developed with Tableau Desktop, to access them from different computers and devices in your organisation, and to manage security by users and groups. Tableau Server allows you to embed reports into other applications such as Salesforce or Sharepoint...


QlikView Desktop

QlikView is a Business Discovery platform. It enables business users to connect data from many different sources, explore it and make discoveries.

It works with associative technology, connecting data; users search and interact with dynamic dashboards and analytics, from any device. They can ask and answer all kinds of questions on their own or in groups. QlikView is a single product with multiple components, designed to be used by business users, business analysts, BI application developers and IT professionals...

Atlas SBI

Plataforma Business Intelligence Atlas SBIAtlas SBI is the Business Intelligence solution for Knowledge Management Projects. It is a web interface platform, which can be installed on a company server, or used in SaaS mode, with payment by monthly subscription. It also has a free version for Non-Profit Organisations.

Atlas SBI is oriented towards ease of development and use, and as a Business Intelligence tool it allows for operational reporting, OLAP analysis, Dashboards, map positioning or strategic and operational dashboards...