Tableau Public is a Tableau initiative that allows you to use a free version of Tableau Desktop to create visualizations that can be uploaded to a personal space in the cloud (the Tableau cloud) and shared with anyone with internet access. The Tableau Public website thus creates a community of visualization authors who are exposed in the web gallery.

Tableau Public

The visualizations can also be inserted or embedded in their own website or blog, so that bloggers and journalists, among other user profiles, can use Tableau Public to support their publications with interactive visualizations that they can easily share.

The main limitations of this free version of Tableau are in the possible data sources to be used, which are Excel files, text files in csv format, statistical software files such as R, SPSS or SAS, web data connectors, OData and Data from the Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace, and in which the reports must be saved in the 1 Gb limited Cloud space that Tableau offers free to each Tableau Public user, cannot be exported in local or network files.

Additional features